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Rotational Cleaning Method

Our rotation system for commercial ensures that you are receiving a thorough cleaning every time. Frequency of rotation is based on your commercial needs whether once a month, bi-weekly, weekly, or several times a week. We are bonded and insured as well as background checks on all of our staff to ensure the safety of your business. All of are staff are trained to provide the thorough and consistent cleaning your company needs.

We are trained to clean various industries:

Office buildings



Government buildings

Retail spaces

At each clean, these items are standard in all areas:

  • All glass doors are spot checked for finger prints inside and out.
  • Any documents or items left out other than décor will not be touched. This is to insure that service does not interfere with business productivity.
  • Remember, these items can be customized to fit you needs. We are not limited to just this list. If there is something you are not sure we clean, just ask.
  • Trash is removed and disposed of each clean

 Areas of Rotation:


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